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  • Lifelong Learning at the University of Georgia

    Just around the corner, The University of Georgia offers numerous educational opportunities for lifelong learning through OLLI – The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute. This active nationwide network of educational institutions was created to meet the intellectual, social, and cultural needs of adults. Residents of The Georgia Club are just a short drive from these opportunities at UGA.


    The catalog of courses, lectures, and travel programs is long and extraordinarily varied. Covering virtually every known interest, there’s bound to be something – or several ”somethings” – to fascinate and engage everyone living at The Georgia Club. The OLLI catalog also lists a host of special-interest groups with their contact information: hikers, book discussion groups, card players, musicians of every stripe, opera lovers, chess players, chefs, memoir writers – the list goes on and on.


    OLLI also offers a lineup of lunchtime lectures that you can sign up for individually and a meal is included with the learning opportunity. There are two per a month and you can view the current schedule here. Covered topics range from “World’s Smallest Airport” to “Race and the Evolution of Southern Rock.” This is the perfect occasional learning supplement to someone who seeks to maintain a vibrant, active retirement schedule.


    For those who would really like to dive in and have a learning adventure, OLLI @ UGA offers travel study programs. Off-campus learning opportunities include day trips to places like the High Museum in Atlanta and the Atlanta Symphony all the way to Rhode Scholar-hosted trips to Croatia and other locations! Interested in an a learning adventure? Get more information here on how to quench your thirst and feed your brain.


    Whether you prefer to learn in your backyard or on worldwide adventures, the OLLI organization at UGA is an incredibly valuable resource that helps makes the lifestyle at The Georgia Club second to none!