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    “You’re not buying a home or a property—you’re buying a lifestyle.”

    And one that retired—and beloved—Atlanta sportscaster Chuck Dowdle revels in. A resident of The Georgia Club for the past five years, Chuck is, if anything, yet more enthusiastic about his home and community.

    What drew you to The Georgia Club?

    The first thing that jumps to mind is the location; you could not ask for better. It’s 13 miles to downtown Athens, a quaint little college town that is everything a college town should be should be. UGA is one of the 10-12 acknowledged public “Ivies” and all the classes are free if you’re over 65.

    Then, if you need a big city, Atlanta is only 50 minutes away, with a great airport. Go a little more than an hour away and you’ll be in the beautiful north Georgia mountains. The Appalachian Trail starts there and goes all the way to Maine.

    But there’s more here to love than the genius of place…

    I just love the people. You’ll find that people who buy here are people who are truly gregarious and engaging, folks who love a true country club style. It’s a rare night that there’s not something going on, a party or dinner party or an event at the club. But you can do as much or as little as you want.

    For myself, I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.