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  • Take a Walk Through Nature

    Whether you want to walk, hike, or just spend time in nature, Athens nature trails have you covered.

    • Sandy Creek Nature Center - The Georgia Club

    Sandy Creek Nature Center

    Walking trails thread through the rise and fall of this 225-acre nature preserve. You can connect them and get a hike stretching from creeks and lakes to the highest point of the sanctuary.
    Sandy Creek Nature Center

    The Heritage Trail, Dudley Park

    Connects Sandy Creek via the North Oconee River Greenway. On its own, it is a shorter, scenic delight close to the UGA campus. Paved, gently rolling and a perfect bike trail.
    The Heritage Trail, Dudley Park
    • The Heritage Trail - The Georgia Club
    The State Botanical Gardens

    The State Botanical Gardens

    Beyond the lovely gardens are seven color-coded pedestrian trails winding through 313 acres. The scenery is gorgeous and signs identify the flowers and habitat along the way.
    The State Botanical Gardens